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Are you taking all of them all at once?!
unduplicated unduplicated Said:

I’d consider it… LOL

I’ll take ALL of them, please. :D

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Okay. I’m finally going to bed. One more day of work.

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Yayyy Big Party soon….

Yep! I’m going in. :D

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Whoa! You need to eat dinner. And at least you tried again so don’t get down on yourself….

I can’t help it. I always feel quite dejected when it comes to my body.

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woah woah waoh, you should eat dinner, and as for exercise do what you know and learn the new stuff slowly. Slow baby steps. Push yourself by doing one more push up each time. slow lil goals. You can do it. It just takes time. but you can do it!

I honestly felt really nauseous after that attempt, so I ended up not eating at all. I just ended up falling asleep, so I’m in between passing out right now. I’m going to sleep in a bit.

I just feel so useless and gross. I can’t even do simple workouts without feeling strained or out of breath. :(

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But if you ate the healthy options available at the places you frequent for food then that would be a step in the right direction. As for just doing 3 at least you tried and can build upon that and next time maybe do 4 pushups…

Like I said, healthy food does NOT make me feel full. Also, I can’t really afford to eat that healthy. My sister makes it look easy, but I’ve tried some of her “healthy food” and it’s gross and tasteless. D:

I REALLY tried with those pushups before I felt like I couldn’t do much else. I don’t know why I keep trying. :(


I’m really fucking disgusting.

I tried the pushups again (and barely did three AGAIN). Then I tried to do one of those ab workout things that I reblogged last Friday…and…I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing and could barely do any of them for more than 20 seconds.

I’m not…

I love you. Thank you for this. <3