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Crispy Raviolis 

Fried ravioli is amazing if you get it from the right person at the right time.

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Marriage material.

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I bet you'd like a guy going down on you, even fucking him. It's a total different experience ;)
unduplicated unduplicated Said:


I like how all my gay followers are trying to sell me to be gay. I didn’t want to do be all “big lecture” guy on you guys but here it goes.

For all of you gay men that “try” to make me gay, you are no better than parents or friends or people that tell you to be straight. And you guys are trying to sell me this sexuality like it’s a fucking thing, a fucking choice. YOU GUYS SAID IT BEST: “IT’S NOT A CHOICE.”

So leave me the fuck alone with this shit or go away. I have way to much support for equality and the LGBTQ community that I’m going to make this a fucking issue. Don’t do that shit because it doesn’t help change minds. Be smart and be mindful about the shit you guys do to contradict what other gay people are doing to help benefit your community and equal rights.

Jesus Christ.

I feel bad for the few straight guys that are even on Tumblr. Like, mad respect to y’all for not cutting bitches.

I mean, us gay guys like to live in this fantasy where straight guys are easy to convert and the gay guys we want have too high standards or we ourselves have too high standards…so when it comes down to it, we’d prefer to convert the straight guy over just trying to find a guy who is actually gay.

Let’s try and expand our horizons a bit.

I have work in the morning, so I’ll get to the story of Suit after work.